One side of the brain dominates. You're either a righty or a lefty, "logical" or "creative." Right?

But what if you throw with your left hand and write with your right? Have a passion for words, but a penchant for numbers? Score equal parts "red earth" and "blue sky" on those brain hemisphere tests? What then?

The answer for me was strategic marketing communications - the opportunity to be analytical in thought and creative in expression, imaginative when addressing problems, practical when developing solutions. This approach has defined my work as a brand strategist and marketing writer for over 20 years, helping me expand the reach of clients by providing:

  • Senior-level experience without the costs and complexities of an agency or consulting firm
  • Direct contact with the person producing the work, so nothing is passed off or lost in translation
  • An integrated approach that balances business goals with creative expression and never sacrifices one for the other.

More importantly, this approach has proven successful for clients in a wide range of industries. After all, no communications challenge is solely tactical or strictly creative. And moving forward isn't just about knowing your right from your left. It's about getting them to work together.